Where is my money ?

Find out the trace of your money, in a elegant way

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It is important that you can add item as fast as possible, you can add from lock screen, from any app menu, and any where in the app.


Expense and income trends is very easy to analyze, thanks to the wonderful trends chart, you can scroll, scale, and see every thing in a very nature way


Find out any hidden information about you money, check them with any range, tags, account, users with any combination.

Add expense from lock screen

You don't need to unlock your phone, open the app, and tap on create record button to begin to add. You just take out your phone, enter the number, and save.

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Family share

You can add your family member to your account, every thing you save, any one in your family can see.

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Highly customizable filter to find out every detail of the expense and income

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Other features

  • iCloud sync to keep everything safe

  • Multiple currency support and auto transform

  • Customizable notifications in you forget

  • Touch ID and face ID support

  • Customizable tags

  • Customizable accounts

  • Theme switch between light and dark

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Know your money, know your life

How and where your money comes and go, is how you leading your life

Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco